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03 May 2007 @ 03:41 pm

- Manifest Destiny

- Frederick Jackson Turner: America FTW

- rugged individualists

- 1860s: soldiers have nothing to do; used to exterminate

- Plains Indians: nomads

- Sioux, Crow, Pawnee

- promised reservations & supplies but were cheated out of it

- Sherman, Custer, Sheridan sent

- 1864: Sand Creek

- Col. Shivington massacred 400 innocents

- Indians retaliated

- media: omg whites are being massacred!

- Little Bighorn: gold found in Dakota hills

- settlers wanted to eliminate Indians so they could settle

- Custer attacked peaceful village

- Indians advanced, Custer retreated

- attacked by confederacy of Indian forces and massacred

- Americans: retaliate more!

- Nez Perce: Chief Joseph

- does not want his tribe to die

- leave reservation to go to Canada

- 90% died due to freezing conditions, etc.

- George Washington of the Indians

- 1884: Wounded Knee

- Indians having spiritual ritual

- soldiers thought it was preparation for fighting; massacred them

- gov’t also destroyed Indians by killing buffalo

- Helen Hunt Jackson: wrote romanticized stories about Indians

- Ramona, A Century of Dishonor

- like Uncle Tom’s Cabin

- 1887: Dawes Severalty Act: Americanized Indians

- sent to places like Carlyle Indian School, PA

- CA Gold Rush & NV Comstock Lode

- spurred new immigration

- sheep v. cattle

- barbed wire put up to keep cattle out

- no more free-range cattle

- cattle cities: Abilene, Dodge City, etc.

- long drive drove cattle to Packingtowns (Chicago)

- 1862: Homestead Act

- 160 acres of free land if you set up a 4x4

- speculators: 4 inches x 4 inches

- damming Mississippi, Columbia, etc. rivers for irrigation

- @ this time, Europe undergoing little revolutions

- didn’t happen her ‘cos we had the New Frontier (NOT JFK) as a safety valve

- farmers getting loans to build farms & get machinery

- couldn’t pay mortgages and farms repo’d

- Grange formed

- farmers isolated; tried to get them to socialize by organizing events

- Grange > Greenback > Populists

- want soft money!

- Oliver Kelly: Pop.

- Mary Elizabeth Lease: wanted to org. political parties for farmers to fight back

- Populists first to produce political candidates

- (1870) Farmers Alliance: fight back against railroads and banks

- didn’t allow blacks

federal territory: 117
national sentiment: hungryhungry
anthem: Henry Clay
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